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Property right-holder: PROYECTOS LEGALARTE S.R.L., C.I.F. nº B-84963677, with register office at Mejía Lequerica nº 1, 1º dcha de (28004) Madrid, a Company duly registered in the Company Register of Madrid at the Book 23,751, Sheet 187, Section 8, Page M-426306, 1st entry. The sole director of this Company is Ms. Marisa Castelo, member of the Bar Association of Madrid since 1990 under the number 42,717. Being a member of the Bar entails the fulfillment of all requirements for the professional practice.

The Bar membership, as well as the professional regulation for attorneys -both code of ethics and regulation of professional fees- can be consulted at the Bar Association of Madrid, C/ Serrano nº 9-11, Madrid tel. +34 91 4357800,

Any natural or legal person that intends to provide a hypertext link or a technical link device from its web site to the LEGALARTE.ES Site must obtain previous written authorization from LEGALARTE; authorization via email will be valid.


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Except from the previously mentioned statistical information, LEGALARTE does not record any other data from its website users by the mere fact of entering its website. In the event that an email communication is received, LEGALARTE reserves all rights to record the data provided by the remittent under the LOPD (Spanish personal data protection act), unless the remittent states otherwise.

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*Image: The Dog (El perro semihundido), Francisco de Goya, around 1818-1823.

*Image: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer), Caspar David Friedrich, 1818

*Image: White Horse (Caballo blanco), Diego de Velázquez, 1635.

*Image: The naked monster (La monstrua desnuda),  Juan Carreño de Miranda, around 1680.

*Image: Photogram from the film Nosferatu, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, 1922.

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