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In 2008 Marisa Castelo co-founded Tormenta Films, Company that co-produced, the spanish-french coproduction Film OPERACIÓN E (2012), directed by Miguel Courtois, starred by Luis Tosar and Martina García and filmed in Colombia.


Currently, Cinema and TV Production projects are developed through PROYECTOS LEGALARTE

PROYECTOS LEGALARTE aims to develope productions for film and TV with anunquestionable quality and economically viable. We focus on international co-productions.

We provide INTEGRAL PRODUCTION SERVICES to help foreign production Companies shooting in Spain:

  • Full legal coverage and advice on all matters of production and shooting (agreements, hiring, taxes, subsidies, permits, etc.)
  • Private investors and sponsors searching
  • Production Office Services
  • Location scouting and shooting permits
  • Highly qualified crew recruitment
  • Best professional suppliers for all aspects of your production and postproduction
  • Accounting servicesa
  • Casting services
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